We have heard about “hearing” in settlement of a dispute on IP in Cambodia? Please give us some comments.

1. The DIPR (Cambodian IP Office) decides  shall arrange the hearing, if any interested party or both parties of the dispute request in writing to have the hearing, before making any decision. This request for hearing shall be made before or after one month of the date of submitting complaint or submitting their supporting documents to the DIPR (Cambodian IP Office) decides . In case there is no request for hearing having been made within the above period, based on the discretionary power given to the DIPR (Cambodian IP Office) decides  by the Law or by this Sub-Decree, the DIPR (Cambodian IP Office) decides  may make his/her own decision without hearing or invite parties of dispute for the hearing if it is deemed necessary.

2. Upon receiving the request for hearing, the DIPR (Cambodian IP Office) decides  shall notify in writing about the date of hearing, at least seven (07) working days before, to the party who has requested for hearing and other interested parties.