Number of Filing Documents and Physical Requirements

1- The application and any accompanying statements or documents shall be submitted to the Registrar and filed in three (3) copies.  But the Registrar may require the applicant to supply additional copies as it is necessary.

2- All elements of the application shall be so presented as to admit direct reproduction by photography, electrostatic processes, photo offset and microfilming.

3- Only one side of each sheet contained in the application shall be used.

4- All elements of the application shall be on paper which is flexible, strong, white, smooth, non-shiny and durable.

5- The size of the sheets shall be A4 (29.7cm x 21cm), although the Registrar may accept sheets of other sizes.

6- The minimum margins of sheets shall be as following:

a- upper margin of each page, except the first page:  2 cm

b- upper margin of the first page:  3 cm

c- side margin adjacent to the binding:  2.5 cm

e- other side margin:  2 cm

f- bottom margin:  2 cm

7- Others requirement for paper sheets shall be executed as following:

a- All sheets shall be numbered at the top of the sheet, in the middle, in consecutive numerals.

b- In effecting the sequential numbering of the sheets, the elements of the application shall be placed in the following order:  the request, the description, the claims, the abstract, the drawings.

c- The sequential numbering of the sheets shall be effected by using three separate series of numbering, the first series applying to the request only and commencing with the first sheet of the request, the second series commencing with the first sheet of the description and continuing through the claims until the last sheet of the abstract, and the third series being applicable to the sheets of the drawings only and commencing with the first sheet of the drawings.

8- The text matter of the application shall be typed; graphic symbols, chemical or mathematical formula and certain characters, if necessary, may be handwritten or drawn.

9- Drawings shall be executed in durable, black, sufficiently dense and dark, uniformly thick and well-defined lines and strokes without colourings.