Could you tell us about the civil remedies in Cambodia?

Only the mark owner, or a licensee under certain conditions, may seek civil remedies for trademark infringement.  A civil court has the power to grant an injunction, award monetary damages, and other relief as provided in the general law.

The Trademark Law does not specify any method of calculating damages. The court also has the power to order provisional measures, otherwise known as a preliminary injunction or temporary restraining order, to prevent infringement, imminent infringement, or preserve evidence.

In considering such a request, the court should evaluate the likelihood of irreparable harm and the strength of the infringement case.

Further, in order to protect the defendant and prevent abuse, the court has discretion to require  a security or other assurance from the plaintiff.

However, a plaintiff could be liable for damages to the defendant if the provisional measure is overturned or loses the case on the merits.  Bringing an infringement suit in civil court can be a time-consuming and expensive process given systemic problems in the Cambodian judiciary, but offers the reward of money damages